Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arkansas River Trip -- Days 16-17 -- Fort Smith and Poteau River Side Trip

We made it through the lock the next day and sailed for Fort Smith. We took a side trip up the Poteau River and anchored there for the night since we didn't want to arrive in Fort Smith after dark.

The next day, we sailed out of the Poteau River and onward to Fort Smith. There was increased tug/barge traffic but it wasn't that bad. The railroad bridge at Fort Smith is unique in that it raises and lowers for trains. We were so busy looking at the bridge that we ran into a channel marker! We had hung a cushion across the front of Sherpa to keep her from getting dinged up and thankfully it was in just the right spot. We had a scary moment when it looked like the Sherpa was going to wrap herself around the channel marker. All is good, though, except for the cushion which suffered some damage.
We arrived at Wildcat Marina just about sunset, where we tied up at the fuel dock. They have wifi, free laundry, and showers so, since there is a cold front coming in, this is a good place to wait it out. We took a cab to Walmart and got everything we need for the next few weeks, including Arkansas fishing licenses. Our friend, Phillip Allen, came by to see us and we went out to dinner.


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