Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arkansas River Trip -- Days 1-4

We left Three Forks and sailed to Coody Creek, a distance of about 3 miles, where we anchored for the night. The next day we sailed to Maynard Bayou, about 2 miles, and then motored about a mile up into the bayou. We were hot so we jumped into the cold water and (briefly) swam. That night, I caught a large catfish.
On day 3, we stayed at Maynard Bayou as it was raining and cool. Chris installed some new cleats for tying up the Sherpa and we basically just hung out. It feels so good to do absolutely nothing :) That catfish was pretty tasty !!

The next day we motored about 10 miles to Spaniard Creek Park. It was upwind the entire way, no matter which way the river turned. We cooked a great omelet that night. We sauteed a can of mushrooms in butter, added 6 scrambled eggs, and topped with sharp cheddar cheese. It turned out great!

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