Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arkansas River Trip -- Days 10-11 -- Windy !!

A cool front arrived overnight and it was pretty windy this morning. We listened to NOAA on the radio and it said wind at about 20 knots, gusting to 40. We decided it didn't look that bad and left anyway. It was fine -- for a while -- then we came to a spot where the river widened and, yes indeed, we had a gust of about 40. Surfing downwind under mizzen alone, we gybed and wrapped our sprit around the mizzen mast, bending it in half. We took shelter in the first little creek we could find. It turned out to be a great spot near an abandoned park in Tamaha, Oklahoma. Chris made a splint for the mizzen and we were good to go for the next day. Note to self: NOAA doesn't lie.

 This is an old jail in Tamaha, Oklahoma. The water in the background is the little creek where we anchored.
 The next day we sailed to Applegate Cove Marina. We are in a slip for 2 nights and will recharge our batteries, take showers (the 2nd one this month!), do laundry, and buy a few provisions. Another beautiful sunset !!


  1. At Applegate Marina does the men's room/shower still not have a sink in it? The first time I used it and tried to brush my teeth I couldn't believe there is no sink in the men's room. Had to brush them in the shower.

  2. Actuallyy, I was so happy to have a toilet that flushed and a hot shower that the lack of a sink didn't concern me at all! The folks at Applegate Marina were awesome and they are expanding the facility to include RV sites and some very nice cabins.