Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arkansas River Trip -- Days 12-13 -- Applegate Cove Marina

We stayed at Applegate Cove Marina for 2 nights. We started out the first day by taking care of a huge stack of laundry. After that was finished, we got out our backpacks and hiked about 2 miles to a convenience store but, as we expected, the prices were too high to buy much. We had passed Shad's Catfish Hole on the way there and on the way back, we stopped in for a catfish dinner. I guess we like catfish. Waddling back to the boat, we were picked up by Doug & Kaylee, marina staff, who gave us a ride back to the boat. We really enjoyed our stay at Applegate Cove Marina. Nice facilities, great people! There were a couple of dogs at the marina that Major enjoyed meeting. That's the joy of cruising -- seeing new places and making new friends!

Applegate Cove Marina:

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