Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Plover Project -- Life in the Boat Yard (part 1)

After returning from our Arkansas River Trip, we were rejuvenated and ready to put "full steam ahead" on getting Plover back into the water so we could continue our travels. We packed our clothes and cooking gear into grey plastic tubs and moved them to the boatyard.

This is the way Plover looked the day we moved in. The first job is to remove the sunshade we had put up in July as the weather is much milder now and it is in the way.

Our flatbed trailer with tools and supplies:

This is the 3 burner propane stove with oven that we got from the Boater's Resale Shop for less than $100. It needs some cleaning, new knobs and one of the burners doesn't work but I'm sure we'll get it going. I'm already dreaming of fresh baked bread!

Sink to the left of the stove. This is the original sink that came with the boat. The bronze faucets were given to us by my Dad. There is one for fresh water, connected to our 20 gallon water tank, and one for salt water, connected to the unlimited supply of ocean water. Behind the sink and stove is an area for dishes and pots and pans. Under the dish shelf is a vented storage area for potatoes. There is a lift up panel for storage of dish towels and soap under the (small) counter area.

This is our new engine cover/steps that Chris made. I did the painting and varnish work. You can see our temporary toilet: a bucket filled with peat moss. It is only for "solids" as "liquids" have to go into a separate container. Our marine toilet has been ordered but has not yet arrived.

The forward interior is still a bit rough. I have lots of scraping, sanding and painting to do. For now, we are sleeping on our air mattresses and sleeping bags. There is a worrisome wasp nest that I need to deal with before I can start sanding. I love the way the varnished wood and bronze port lights look.

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