Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Arkansas River Trip -- Days 29-30 -- Pine Bluff Marina

Day 29: For some reason, we are both ready to get back to Kemah and finish our work on Plover. We had both figured it would be this way. We've had a great time on this river trip, but cruising on Plover beckons. We motored all day today and, except for another eagle sighting, it was an uneventful day. The eagle was swooping low over the water, looking for fish, and on the 3rd try was able to snag a good lunch. What a remarkable feat to witness !!

We anchored late in the day at mile marker 91.3 near Tar Camp Park. It looks like a pretty nice park with restrooms and showers but we didn't go over there.

Day 30: This was our last day on the river as we were 20 miles from Pine Bluff, our take-out point. We got an early start but got behind a barge at the lock. Knowing that we were in for a 2 hour wait, we pulled ashore, got out our chairs and books, and relaxed on shore. We have perfected the art of relaxing on this trip :)

Major doing something besides sleep:
All that activity wore the little guy out. Some pictures should not be taken, but here it is:

After we got through the lock, the wind picked up and we had some great sailing. We started out with full sail and mizzen, then the mizzen alone, and then a 2nd reef in the main and the mizzen. What a great way to end the trip!

Mile Marker 71.3
Entrance to Pine Bluff Marina

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