Monday, November 5, 2012

Arkansas River Trip -- Day 28 -- Little Rock

Sunrise, Little Rock Style:
I will add more later today. I wanted to go ahead and post this picture now, while I'm drinking coffee, before we go on our city hiking tour. Major will stay in the boat due to his dislike for hiking when there are no holes to dig or squirrels to chase.
After breakfast, we rowed over to the submarine museum and tied up to the wharf. We didn't know the park was closed on Monday so when we entered the building we surprised the staff who were there to prepare for an upcoming fundraiser.  They were only going to be there until early afternoon but said we could leave the Sherpa there while we went on our city tour.

There are 2 bridges designated for pedestrian traffic and we walked across to the Riverfront Park. After walking around for awhile,we ate lunch at a food court and then visited the sculpture gardens.

After our city tour, we picked up Sherpa, rowed out to Caprice, and left Little Rock in the late afternoon. We motored to Willow Beach Park at mile marker 110 where Chris had a hot shower but mine was cold !!

One thing I might add at this point is that Chris and I are looking rather homeless ourselves. Our clothes are dirty, we are dirty, and the office crowd at the food court glanced at us the way I used to glance at the homeless in downtown Houston on my lunch hour. Note to self: Keep a nice set of going to shore clothes set aside for times like these.


  1. Cathy, hey! I am webmaster at Iron Mountain Yacht Club on DeGray Lake. Friend Steve sent me pix of ya'll this morning in Little Rock, he spoke to ya'll. I've posted a pic of your boat and the link to your blog here: Travel safely!

  2. Hey thanks!! We really enjoyed Little Rock. The Riverfront Market was great and we we did a big walking tour through the sculpture gardens. We left this afternoon but hope to visit Little Rock again someday.

  3. Really enjoyed reading this. What a great adventure.